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Gears Sketchdump II by Torenchiko-to Gears Sketchdump II by Torenchiko-to
And lots and lots and lots of Gears cast sketches.

1. Piress from behind, because I <3 her hair
2. Piress and Armand on the deck of a ship, going off to see the world. They'll get there someday.
3. Piress going picnicking
4. March Hare Cyneburga. With lightning gun.
5. Mad Hatter Boris drinking tea from test tube
6. Gnar's dad and uncle, Fincastle and Tiberius MacCarnage
7. Genderswapped Travertine and Piress eating pickles. Don't ask.
8. Piress/Armand fluff, before my brain's capacity to write smut in anything other than pokemon move sets was erased.
9. Sherringford being a very tall person at Piress
10. ARMANDKIP AND PIRESSMANDER god what is wrong with me. I blame pokemon mystery dungeon, and the fact that they sleep in the same room, in little nests.
11. Gnar teaching Armand magic. SHIPS AHOY
12. LET'S GO TOGETHER! Moar Armandkip and Piressmander.
13. Piress gives Boris backrubz
14. Boris' reaction to haircut. IT WILL HAPPEN.
15. Felix has a bad day
16. Piress being secretarial
17. Felix's brothers! Isaac and Chester. No it was not a conscious decision to give them all idiot hairs. Shut up.
18. Avatar: The Last Crossover Piress and Makoto. "I've met your brother." "Oh, excellent, is he doing well?" "I've had to put ice down his trousers nearly every day since he started coming here." "Just the same as ever then!"
19. Julius M. Caesar, crossdressing maid, is just on his way to page 10
20. Felix and Travertine in the Ancient Rome AU. She wants to see him tonight in her rooms.
21. Boris and Cyneburga fluff.
22. Dormouse Travertine on a teapot
23. Alice Piress gives Cheshire Cat Felix head skritches
24. Boris/Cyneburga fluff
25. Boris Hand, atcherservice
26. Boris and Lionel, enjoying a hookah in various states of undress.
27. Lionel Morris, Cecil Matterick, and Richard Butterby, of the law firm Morris Matterick and Butterby, London.
28. Boris Hand in hospital shortly after loss of right hand. Visited by Horatio Pierce.
29. Helena Pierce. The less said about her the better
30. Sherringford angsting. Take a picture, it doesn't happen often.
31. Boris and Cyneburga as the red and black rangers. Wondering how one makes out while a power ranger.
32. Sherringford and Gnar.
33. Armand/Piress fluff
34. Armand and Piress making out as Power Rangers. Because ~CabbyHat can't seem to manage to write any love scenes between the two of them without somehow ruining it.
35. Dormouse Travertine + cupcaek
36. Piress recalls what happened the last time she let Travertine dress her up. Granted, Sherringford probably has frillier nightgowns than Travertine does, lying around...
37. Colander
38. Young Boris has apparently been watching too much Gurren Lagann.
39. (it's up in the middle, kind of. I mislabeled things.) Boris Hand can kill you with his face. No, really, he ran the numbers. I AM going to use that line in Labcoats and Lace if it kills me

yeah, I draw a lot.
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natitoonfan21 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015
i ship maddie x morrise
Fishguts-San Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
XD Number 34 made me lulz so hard I cried.
Torenchiko-to Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2010
CabbyHat Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2010
There are so many things here that I`d want to turn into an avatar. X3 Also @34, totally not my fault, it`s all just THERE. XP
Torenchiko-to Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2010
Bahaha, yes.

X3 lol I know. It just happens.
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